Health Assessment and Evaluation

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The Health Assessment and Evaluation (HAE) team at Clark County Public Health works to develop a comprehensive understanding of health in our community and to translate data into action by:

  • Utilizing data from many sources including public health, social services, healthcare and the community.
  • Monitoring data on leading causes of diseases and deaths, health behaviors and social factors influencing health.
  • Identifying trends, disparities, and emerging health issues, including supporting emergency response.
  • Developing community partnerships to disseminate community health information and address priority health issues.
  • Guiding program and policy development, implementation and evaluation.
  • Providing technical assistance to community partners on data collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination.

Our work is guided by the Clark County Public Health strategic vision for active, resilient and healthy families and people of all ages, abilities and cultures living, learning, working and playing in thriving communities.

Data Sheets and Reports
Public health data products.

Definitions of frequently used terms in HAE data products.

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