Current advisories

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Public Health routinely monitors local designated swim beaches for bacterial contaminants and harmful algal blooms. Other water bodies are monitored if we receive reports of unsafe conditions such as sewage spill or algal bloom. If there are elevated levels of bacteria or toxins from an algal bloom, advisory signs will be posted at the lake. Advisories are updated as conditions change. Below are the most current advisories as of today. 

For information about our sampling and advisory decisions, please view our advisory protocol.


  • When hovering over a regional icon, click the “Zoom to” link to get detailed advisory information for lakes in that area. Close out of the textbox once zoomed in.
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Swim beach legend none
None - There are no water quality alerts in this region.
Swim beach legend warning
Warning - There is a water quality advisory due to elevated fecal bacteria or algal toxins.
Swim beach legend danger
Danger/Beach Closure - There is a water quality advisory in the region recommending limiting all water contact.

Do you see a water quality safety concern?

Public Health relies on public notifications to report algae blooms. Once a report is received, weekly monitoring of the bloom will begin. Please contact us if you see any algae blooms or fecal contamination that may warrant a public health response.