Board of Health

Board of Health

The Clark County Council also serves as the Clark County Board of Health, in accordance with the public health and safety chapter of the Revised Code of Washington. The Board of Health exercises final authority over all matters pertaining to  preservation of the life and health of  people within Clark County. This responsibility includes:

  • Enforcement of state public health statutes, rules of the state board of health and Secretary of Health.
  • Supervision of health and sanitary measures for the provision of the public health.
  • Enacting local rules and regulations to preserve, promote and improve public health.
  • Control and prevention of any dangerous, contagious or infectious disease.
  • Prevention, control and abatement of nuisance detrimental to the public health.

The Board of Health also establishes fee schedules for issuing or renewing licenses or permits or for other such services as authorized by the law and rules of the state Board of Health.


Due to COVID-19, Board of Health meetings are currently closed to the public until further notice.  The board encourages participation in the following ways: 

9am-10am, the second Wednesday of every month 
8:30am-10am, the fourth Wednesday of every month

Where:  Online - See agenda for up to date information 
(Public Service Center, 6th Floor Hearing Room
1300 Franklin St., Vancouver)

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Please note:  the Board of Health meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 9th at 9am, has been cancelled