Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Public Health supports families with children and youth with special health care needs. All children who are at risk or have a health and/or developmental problems are eligible for care coordination regardless of income.

A nurse care coordinator will:

  • Screen children who are at risk for development delay.
  • Refer you to local resources for early intervention services – physical, occupational and speech therapy, and pre-school.
  • Assist with specific areas of concern, such as nutrition, feeding, growth, development and behaviors issues.
  • Provide information about your child's medical condition.
  • Provide referrals to parent support organizations.
  • Help your family locate financial assistance to pay for your child's care.

For more information or to refer a child call 564.397.8440 or fill out the following form and fax to 564.397.8442.

Child with Special Needs Finger Painting


Early screening and intervention for developmental delay is key in helping your child reach their maximum potential.  If you have concerns about your child's development at any age, contact your child's health care provider or your local school district.

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From birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he plays, learns, acts and moves.  Track your child's development with CDC's Milestone Tracker App and act early if you have a concern.


Early Intervention Services in Clark County -- Can help assess and identify infants/children as early as possible who may benefit from further evaluation and/or early intervention services

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Through a partnership with Department of Health and the University of Washington, we are able to provide the following newsletters to families and providers in Clark County working with children and youth with special health care needs.

2019 Child Health Notes