Irrigation Wells

Water wells may be drilled or converted from a drinking water source solely for the purpose of irrigating land.  Washington Department of Health, Washington Department of Ecology and Clark County Public Health each play a role ensuring irrigation wells are constructed, utilized, and maintained in a manner that provides source protection and public safety.

New and existing wells proposed for irrigation uses must be tested for water quality (coliform and nitrate).  Applicants are responsible for collecting water samples for analysis by a Washington State Certified Laboratory.  Some local laboratories are listed on the Service Provider list.

The top 3 criteria to be considered for approval are:

  • All proposed irrigation wells must be located on lots with a minimum lot size of 0.5 acres or larger, and the proposed irrigation well must be located within the property boundary of the applicant's lot.
  • No more than 5,000 gallons per day shall be withdrawn from an irrigation well, nor more than 0.5 acres be irrigated, without possession of a valid water right certification granted by the Department of Ecology.
  • The proposed irrigation well and "lift" method must be in safe and operation condition.

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How to apply

  • In person: Please note that an appointment is required for in person submissions. Book your appointment now.
  • By mail: Application materials, plans and payment can be submitted by mail at:

Clark County Environmental Health
PO Box 9825
Vancouver, WA 98666