Respiratory Illness Data

Clark County Public Health updates COVID-19, influenza and RSV data each week throughout respiratory illness season using data from the Washington State Department of Health. All data is preliminary and may change. For state and regional data, visit the state Respiratory Illnesses Data Dashboards.


Clark County respiratory illness activity

Use the interactive dashboard below for additional information about COVID-19, influenza and RSV disease activity in Clark County. Click on the tabs in the dashboard to explore data on hospitalizations, emergency department visits and case rates.

State Department of Health dashboards

Visit the Washington State Department of Health's Respiratory Illness Data Dashboards to see state and regional trends for COVID-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). 

Health officials use the data on these dashboards to monitor early signs of disease spread, severity of illness, COVID-19 and influenza vaccination rates, virus variants or subtypes occurring in Washington, and hospital bed use due to COVID-19, flu, and RSV.

CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker

Visit the CDC's COVID-19 Data Tracker webpage for a county-by-county look at new COVID-19 hospital admissions per 100,000 people (7-day case rate). The CDC categorizes hospital admissions as high, medium or low. The Data Tracker webpage also has data on COVID-19 deaths, emergency department visits and test positivity.

The CDC's COVID-19 by County webpage includes recommendations for high, medium and low COVID-19 hospital admission levels.

Respiratory illness deaths

Data on Clark County influenza and COVID-19 deaths is updated monthly throughout respiratory illness season. Death data is preliminary and may change.

A COVID-19 death is a death where the death certificate indicates COVID-19 as an immediate, underlying or contributing cause of death. An influenza-associated death is a death resulting directly or indirectly from illness that was confirmed to be influenza by laboratory test. 

MonthInfluenza deathsCOVID-19 deaths
September 202309
October 202306
November 202303
December 2023212
January 202459
February 202404
March 202403
April 202400

Data updated May 6. Data is updated monthly. Data is preliminary and may change.

Age  Suspect deaths Confirmed deaths Total deaths
0-9 years 0 0 0
10-19 years 1 0 1
20-29 years 0 2 2
30-39 years 1 19 20
40-49 years 4 29 33
50-59 years 7 76 83
60-69 years 18 166 184
70-79 years 34 251 285
80 and older 85 374 459
Total 150 917 1,067


Sex at birth Suspect deaths Confirmed deaths Total deaths
Male 68 522 590
Female 78 386 464
Unknown 4 9 13
Total 150 917 1,067

Data updated Sept. 28. Death data is cumulative. Data is preliminary and may change.

Note: Washington State Department of Health implemented a new COVID-19 death definition on May 17, 2023. Under the new definition, a COVID-19 death is a death where the death certificate indicates COVID-19 as an immediate, underlying, or contributing cause of death. The updated definition was implemented for all deaths occurring to date in 2023.

Confirmed death: COVID is listed as cause of death or contributing factor on the death certificate and the case has a positive COVID test.  

Suspect death: COVID is not listed as a contributing factor on the death certificate (but wasn’t ruled out as cause of death) and the person died after testing positive for COVID within 28 days.