Drinking Water and Wells

Clark County Public Health helps keep our drinking, bathing and wash water safe by monitoring public water systems, reviewing plans for new systems and wells, and providing maintenance resources to property owners.

Below you will find all the forms, and informational guides to assist in the drinking water and wells process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions by emailing us or calling during regular business hours 564.397.8428.

Water program staff also:

  • review new private wells for water adequacy and availability to meet Growth Management Regulations.
  • ensure correct well construction and decommission practices are followed.
  • provide guidance to individual well or water system owners.
  • conduct investigations in response to complaints about problems with public water systems.
  • evaluate all projects to protect aquifers.

You can:

  • Look up whether or not you have a documented drinking water system.
  • View well tag, depth, and system classification information, if available.


Navigate to the Clark County GIS's MapsOnline

Enter this: See this:
1. Go to Maps Online. Maps Online home page.
2. Under "Search" enter the address in the street address field and click "Find". A list of addresses.
3. Select and click on address from list. Address on left, parcel on right.
4. Click on "Find Layer" button on the top right of the page and type in well in the search box. Address on left, parcel on right.
5. Click on 'Water Well' under the Environmental Public Health Section of the list that is generated.

Layer information on left, parcel on right.

6. On left are check boxes next to the sewer/septic/water options. Click on the boxes to open or close layers and then click over your parcel. If information is available, it will appear on the left.