Quit Smoking or Vaping

If you have tried to quit smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco, you know how hard it can be. The following information and resources will help you achieve your goal. 

Benefits of quitting

  • Your sense of taste and smell will return to normal
  • Your clothes, hair, body and home will smell better
  • You'll save hundreds of dollars
  • You'll be able to exercise with less shortness of breath
  • Your skin and teeth will begin to look better
  • Lowers risk for heart disease, cancer or other diseases
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Online resources

Be Tobacco Free.Gov
A comprehensive web site with answers to your questions about quitting, secondhand smoke, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes and more.

National Cancer Institute Quitline

Washington State Tobacco Quitline


Call the Washington Tobacco Quitline at 1.800.QUIT.NOW or try the 2MorrowQuitTM app.


For more information, contact the Chronic Disease Prevention team.