Celebrate Earth Day at Master Composter Recyclers’ family-friendly event

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Clark County’s Master Composter Recycler program is hosting a free, family-friendly Earth Day event this weekend to highlight how composting can help protect the planet.

Join the Master Composter Recyclers 10 am to 1 pm Saturday, April 23 at the Natural Gardens at Pacific Community Park, 1515 NE 164th Ave., in Vancouver. People who attend the event will learn the basic principles of composting, including how to:

  • Make hot compost
  • Build a lasagna garden
  • Set up and maintain a worm bin composting system

The event will include a Red Worm Petting Zoo with red worms raised and bred by the Master Composter Recycler program. The Red Worm Petting Zoo provides education and entertainment for the whole family with a true hands-on experience! Photos are encouraged.

Worm bins can annually divert up to 200 pounds of food scraps from going to the landfill where valuable nutrients are lost forever. When food scraps are fed to worms, the worms produce rich soil that make plants healthy. Community members can learn how they can receive a free worm bin and worms (while supplies last) from the Master Composter Recycler volunteers at the event.

The Master Composter Recycler program educates the community about easy ways to reduce waste, increase recycling and create healthier homes. For more information about the program, visit the website, call 564.397.7333 or email mcr@clark.wa.gov.