Clark County seeking public comment on proposed solid waste enforcement code revisions

Published Date

Clark County Public Health is seeking community feedback about proposed changes to the county’s Solid Waste Enforcement code. The last full review of Clark County Code 24.12 was about 30 years ago.

Public Health conducted an internal review process and is proposing updates to language, titles and responsibilities, and references. Additional proposed changes would better define and clarify standards and implement policy changes in the interest of protecting the environment and public health.

Public Health is seeking feedback to ensure the proposed code updates accurately represent the county’s solid waste enforcement capabilities and protect the environment without placing excess burden on county residents. The intent of the code is to allow Public Health to pursue education, guidance, and necessary enforcement in a manner that residents deem fair, equal and without undue burden.

Public Health is not proposing changes to its overall response and enforcement strategy. But Public Health is proposing several changes aimed at improving the county’s ability to protect the environment and public health. These proposed changes are intended to:

  • Streamline existing rules
  • Update outdated parts of the code
  • Clarify parts of the code to improve communication, guidance, and compliance
  • Improve integration of the code with commercial and residential solid waste handling
  • Update language to align with current regulations within Washington Administrative Code (WACs 173-350 and 173-304)

Public Health is accepting public comments on the proposed code changes through Friday, Dec. 31, 2021. Comments can be submitted through an online tool that outlines major changes, provides rationale for the changes, and collects feedback. Comments can also be submitted via email to

Following the three-month public comment period, Public Health staff will review and consider all comments. A description of any additional changes, along with rationale for those changes, will be provided on the Public Health website. Public Health will then present the proposed code changes to the Clark County Council for approval.

Additional information about the code revision process, supporting documents for proposed changes and steps for submitting public comment are available on Public Health’s Solid Waste webpage.