Clark County Solid Waste partners with Department of Ecology on campaign to reduce dangerous road debris and litter

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Clark County Solid Waste is launching a monthlong “Secure your Load for Safer Roads” campaign in partnership with Washington State Department of Ecology. The campaign aims to help reduce the number of unsecured vehicle loads on roads in the county and decrease the presence of road litter which contributes to pollution of our waterways and habitat land. 

The campaign coincides with national Secure Your Load Day on June 6, which commemorates the lives taken and injuries caused due to unsecured loads. In Washington, over 300 crashes are attributed to unsecured vehicle loads each year. 

The campaign’s messaging is designed to raise awareness about the safety hazards associated with unsecured loads and reduce the amount of roadside litter that is attributable to vehicles with unsecured loads – currently, up to 40%.   

Clark County Solid Waste staff will be at the Central and West Van transfer stations throughout the month to share educational materials about proper load securement and distribute free securement tools to transfer station customers. Residents receiving the securement tools will be asked to pledge that they will properly secure all vehicle loads in the future. 

The Clark County Green Neighbors program will also encourage proper securement of vehicle loads on social media throughout the month. Follow @ClarkCountyGreenNeighbors on Facebook and @ClarkGreenNeighbors on Instagram for tips and tricks to keep loads secured and prevent litter. 

Across the state, the Department of Ecology will promote Secure Your Load campaign messaging, and Washington State Patrol will conduct emphasized patrols for unsecured loads. Fines for unsecured loads can reach a maximum of $5,000 and potential jail time.   

To ensure vehicle loads are secure every time, Clark County Solid Waste encourages drivers to ask themselves these questions before taking to the road: 

  • Would I feel my family was safe if they were driving behind me? 
  • Will my load stay secure if I have to brake suddenly, hit a bump, turn a corner or go uphill? 
  • Is there any chance of debris falling or blowing out of my vehicle? 
  • If it rains, will any of my cargo break down? 
  • Did I double-check my load to make sure it’s secure? 

To learn more about properly securing vehicle loads, visit