Commercial Garbage & Recycling Collection Service

COVID-19 Garbage and Recycling Update

There has been an increase in transfer station visits which mean longer wait times and a decrease in the ability to maintain social distancing measures. Please avoid making trips to the recycling and transfer stations unless absolutely necessary. Consider these options to avoid trips to the transfer station, reduce contact with others and stay home as much as possible: 

EXTRA GARBAGE - For an additional fee, extra garbage can be set out, either contained in a 32 gallon plastic bag or 32 gallon can, next to your garbage cart.

​Clark County Unincorporated:  $3.75 per 32 gal
Clark County Rural:  $3.75 per 32 gal
City of Vancouver:  $7.86 per 32 gal
City of Ridgefield:  $6.26 per 32 gal
City of Washougal:  $9.00 per 32 gal 

EXTRA RECYCLING - Extra recycling can be set out next to your blue recycle cart at no additional cost, either contained in a cardboard box or large paper bags found at hardware stores.

EXTRA YARD DEBRIS - Pick-up is offered in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Washougal, Camas and rural areas of Clark County for an additional fee. Bag extra yard debris in large paper bags that can be found at local hardware stores or mark 'yard debris' when using personal containers; no food scraps allowed. Extra yard debris in plastic bags will not be picked up.

BULKY ITEMS - Furniture, appliances, electronics or tires can be picked up at your curbside for a cost. This service is available in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Washougal and rural areas of Clark County. Waste Connections Rates page provides a detailed list of accepted items. Camas residents can call the city's Utility Customer Service line at 360.834.2462 for details on microwave and small furniture pick-ups.  Vancouver households within city limits that have active garbage service are eligible for one (1) free appliance pick-up per year. 
Contact Waste Connections at 360.892.5370 or to schedule a bulky waste pick-up. One to two weeks advance notice is recommended.


Commercial garbage collection service in the county is provided by Waste Connections, Inc. under the certification and regulation of the Washington Utilities Transportation Commission (WUTC). The WUTC establishes collection fees for the service area. Commercial businesses have the choice of either subscribing to collection services provided by Waste Connections, Inc. or self-hauling their waste to a permitted facility. Such facilities in Clark County are Central Transfer and Recycling Facility, West Van Materials Recovery Center or Washougal Transfer Station.

For further information on rates, areas served, materials collected go to the Waste Connections web site or call 360.892.5370.

Garbage Collection Service

Waste Connections, Inc.
9411 NE 94th Avenue
Vancouver, WA

Transfer Stations    
Central Transfer and Recycling
11034 NE 117th Ave.
Vancouver, WA
West Van Materials Recovery Center
6601 NW Old Lower River Road
Vancouver, WA

Washougal Transfer Station
4020 S. Grant St.
Washougal, WA

Bad weather and holiday collection


Businesses may contact the licensed hauler of their choice to pick up recyclable items. Within the City of Vancouver, service providers must be on an approved list provided by the Solid Waste Division.

For a list of permitted facilities, go to our self-haul options page.

Construction and Demolition Debris
Use the Clark County construction salvage and recycling toolkit to learn about recycling opportunities for construction and demolition debris.

Business Hazardous Waste
Most businesses generate dangerous waste. Learn more about handling requirements, disposal and recycling options here.

Clark County Green Business Program

The Clark County Green Business Program provides onsite assistance and resources to support recycling and environmental initiatives at businesses.

We offer:

  • Free resources for your workplace recycling and food scraps composting programs
  • Recommendations and training to help you start or improve waste minimization and recycling projects
  • Green Business certification to recognize your positive impacts

For more information about increasing efficiencies and reducing waste at your business, visit or call 564.397.7319.