Green Neighbors celebrates eight years of sustainability programs with a virtual birthday party

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Clark County Public Health’s Green Neighbors program is turning 8 this year, and the public is invited to celebrate in the program’s live virtual event!

Green Neighbors is throwing an online birthday party 3-4:30 pm Saturday, Oct. 17 on Zoom. Register to attend the free party on the Green Neighbors website.

Party attendees can enjoy environmentally themed stories from master storyteller Will Hornyak as he gives life to facts about sustainability, composting and healthy watersheds. Hornyak has provided hundreds of performances for Clark County schools, festivals and community gatherings as a professional storyteller and educator since 1994.

From Northwest Native American legends and Oregon tall tales to original stories and participation tales for all ages, Hornyak weaves a wide web of oral traditions into thoughtful and well-crafted educational storytelling performances.

Attendees can also expect to hear about the success of the Green Neighbors program as it pivoted to a virtual format for other celebrated sustainability events this year. The event will also feature a brief discussion of the future outlook for virtual events from the program.

The Green Neighbors program helps citizens create sustainable lifestyles. The program promotes green living through a variety of community events, such as WasteBusters, the Natural Garden Tour and the Recycled Arts Festival.

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Marissa Armstrong
senior communications specialist
Public Health