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Healthier Clark County InfoMap

The Healthier Clark County InfoMap offers a new way of learning about health issues and people impacted in Clark County. The InfoMap includes nearly 50 maps of a variety of indicators of community health – including demographics, social determinants of health, maternal health, chronic disease, and behavioral health. Each map is accompanied by charts and graphs exploring the indicator in more detail. Opportunities to learn more are highlighted throughout the tool.

We hope the InfoMap encourages community members, community-based nonprofits, local coalitions and collaboratives, volunteer groups, local city and county departments, schools, businesses, elected officials, decision makers and more to explore the data and take action to improve community health and wellbeing. While our economic, geographic or social circumstances may differ, we all aspire to lead the best lives possible. At the end of the day, we are working to ensure everyone in Clark County has the opportunity to live a healthy life. We all have a role to play to make this vision a reality. 

You can access the InfoMap by clicking the image below to open the tool in its own browser window. You can also click or copy and paste the following URL into a browser window:

InfoMap Demonstration

View a 3-minute demonstration of the InfoMap to get started!