Monkeypox is a rare viral disease caused by the monkeypox virus. Monkeypox does not commonly occur in the US, but there currently is an outbreak of monkeypox with cases spreading in Washington state and across the country, as well as in many other countries.

The first case of monkeypox in Clark County was identified on Monday, July 25, 2022. Clark County Public Health interviews people who test positive and works with cases to identify and notify anyone they were in close contact with while contagious. Monkeypox is spread through close contact with an infected person who has symptoms.

To see current case totals:
Washington state (cases by county) Washington Department of Health website
United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website
Global Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website



To help stop the spread of monkeypox virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is distributing a limited amount of the vaccine JYNNEOS, which is approved to protect against smallpox and monkeypox.

Washington State Department of Health received a limited supply of JYNNEOS. The state allocated some of the vaccine to Clark County Public Health to be administered in Southwest Washington. While vaccine supply is limited, only those who have been in close contact with someone who has monkeypox are eligible for vaccination. Eligibility may change as vaccine availability increases.

Clark County Public Health is working with health care providers across the region to ensure people who are eligible have access to the vaccine.

To learn more about vaccines to prevent monkeypox, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and Washington Department of Health’s monkeypox FAQs.