Multiple event (farmers market) permit

Public events and seasonal markets offer opportunities to serve food throughout Clark County year-round. With this permit, you will be able to set up at:

  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Coordinated Events
  • Bazaars

Multiple event permits require a plan review prior to issuing a permit. Please review the required documents below. If you want to operate at multiple events simultaneously, multiple permits will be required. For more information, visit our Farmer’s Market and Temporary Event frequently asked questions page.

Plan Review Documents

Be sure all items on this checklist are addressed in your application submittal to reduce plan review time. 

How to Submit for Review

  • Online: Visit our Online Permitting Portal. Be sure to review the Online Users Guide document for instructions on how to register for a profile, submit and make payments.
  • In person: Please note that an appointment is required for in person submissions. Book your appointment now.
  • By mail: Application materials, plans and payment can be submitted by mail at:

    ​Clark County Environmental Health
    PO Box  9825
    Vancouver, WA 98666

    *If payment is not provided with application materials, a plan review will not occur, and documents will be returned.