Public Health launches new interactive tool for exploring health data

Published Date

Clark County Public Health launched a new online data exploration tool called the Healthier Clark County InfoMap. The interactive tool offers a new way of learning about health issues and how they impact people in Clark County. Through data visualized on maps and charts, users can explore how health and the circumstances and environments that influence health are distributed across the county.

“Public Health is excited to make health-related data more easily accessible to the community through the Healthier Clark County InfoMap online tool,” said David Hudson, Healthy Communities program manager. “This tool will be available at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” 

Topic areas in the InfoMap include demographics and social factors that influence health, such as income, education and housing. The tool also features maps and data for several public health focus areas, including maternal health, chronic disease, and behavioral health. 

Public Health envisions the InfoMap serving as a planning tool to support public health, schools, community-based organizations, policy makers, and community members. Data from this tool can be used to identify priorities and prevention efforts to address health concerns, apply for grant funding, promote policy and legislative priorities, and to learn more about places in Clark County.

The tool and a short video demonstrating how to navigate InfoMap are available on the Public Health website.



Marissa Armstrong
senior communications specialist
Public Health