Public Health lifts advisories at Round and Lacamas lakes in Camas

Published Date

Clark County Public Health has lifted its blue-green algae advisories at Round Lake and Lacamas Lake in Camas. The blooms of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, at both lakes have dissipated.

Public Health removed the warning advisory at Lacamas Lake earlier this month after test results from water samples showed toxin levels were no longer elevated. The warning advisory at Round Lake remained in place until the bloom dissipated this week.

The warning advisory signs posted at the lakes are being removed. However, educational signs about blue-green algae will remain year-round at the lakes and other waterbodies known to have harmful algal blooms. Public Health encourages people recreating in the lakes to continue to watch for floating blue-green-colored scum and avoid direct contact with water in those areas.

Public Health has concluded its routine monitoring of local waterbodies and swim beaches for this season. Routine monitoring of designated swim beaches will resume after Memorial Day.

Public Health relies on public notifications of potential algae blooms. Reports of algae blooms can be submitted on the Public Health website.