Public Health lifts advisory at Vancouver Lake after water quality improves

Published Date

Vancouver, Wash. – Clark County Public Health has lifted its warning advisory at Vancouver Lake. Water samples collected from the lake show water quality has improved over the last two weeks and toxin levels are no longer elevated.

The warning signs posted at the lake are being removed. While the algal bloom at Vancouver Lake is dissipating, harmful algae can return and toxin levels could increase as conditions at the lake change. Public Health encourages people swimming and recreating in the lake to watch for floating scum and avoid direct contact with water in those areas. Pets should not drink or have contact with water in areas of floating scum.

Lacamas Lake advisory remains

The warning advisory at Lacamas Lake remains in place. Results from water samples taken from Lacamas Lake on Monday indicate toxin levels remain elevated. While the warning advisory is in place, health officials recommend:

  • No swimming or water skiing.
  • No water contact for animals.
  • Avoiding areas of scum when using motorized boats, paddle boarding, kayaking or canoeing.
  • No drinking lake water.
  • Cleaning fish well and discarding organs.

Public Health will continue to monitor Vancouver and Lacamas lakes and, while blooms are present, take weekly water samples to test toxin levels. Additional information about harmful algal blooms and current advisories are available on the Public Health public beach website.