Social media

Clark County Public Health uses social media to share information and engage with the community. Clark County Public Health and its programs are available on the social media platforms below.

Social media commenting policy

Clark County Public Health welcomes feedback and comments. Social media comments sections are left open in order to provide a forum for community discussion about important public health topics. Clark County Public Health social media pages are open to all. As such, information in the comments is not vetted and we cannot vouch for its accuracy.

Participants in comment sections should treat each other with respect. Comments should not include language that is vulgar, threatening, harassing, libelous or discriminatory. Comments that are inappropriate, obscene, off topic, promoting commercial services or products, or supporting or opposing political candidates or ballot propositions are not allowed. Spamming and trolling behavior – including but not limited to repeating the same comment or question on multiple posts, and posting external links without context or comment – and doxing are not allowed. 

Comments that violate Facebook's Community Standards may be automatically removed or hidden by Facebook.

Comments are visible to the public and subject to public record disclosure laws.

Social media pages are not monitored 24/7. Contact Public Health programs using the phone numbers and emails on our Contact Information webpage. Report a Public Health concern, such as foodborne illness, surfacing sewage or water quality at swim beaches, through our online portal.