Catch Basin Cleanout Program

The Catch Basin Cleanout Program assists businesses and other private catch basin owners prevent stormwater pollution inexpensively and efficiently. Catch basin owners are responsible for cleaning sediment and debris from catch basins to prevent pollutants from reaching stormwater treatment facilities and streams.

By negotiating through a competitive process, the program is able to provide catch basin cleaning at the low cost of $50 per catch basin.

Businesses must sign up to participate.

Why clean your catch basin?

Prevent pollution - As the property owner, you are responsible for cleaning your privately owned catch basins to keep dirt, debris, oils and other pollutants from entering the public stormwater system. Catch basins can lead directly to streams without treatment to remove pollutants.

Save on stormwater facility maintenance costs - If your property has a stormwater facility, cleaning catch basins is a good way to keep sediment from accumulating in the facility where heavy construction equipment may be needed to remove it.

Prevent flooding - By keeping your business’s drains clean, you are preventing flooding, a nuisance to customers, and a driving hazard.

Protect pavement - Keeping your business' drains clean may prevent standing water on pavement. Standing water seeps into asphalt cracks causing premature failure of parking areas.

Program information

Businesses are responsible for cleaning catch basins on their properties. Municipalities are responsible for cleaning and maintaining catch basins within public right-of-ways. Catch basins are the metal grates found in parking lots that allow stormwater to drain away. Catch basins also include a sump to trap sediment to keep it out of the storm drainage system.

This service will provide a basic cleaning and does not include additional maintenance or repair work. Additional services (catch basin inserts, line jetting, etc.) may be available at additional costs. Inquire when scheduling the cleaning.

The vendor performing the catch basin cleaning may identify deficiencies within your catch basin or storm drainage system and provide a quote for repair. You may elect to have the work done by the vendor, or obtain additional quotes for cost comparisons.

The county does not guarantee or provide any warranty for the work performed by the vendor.

This program is only available to private entities. Public agencies are not eligible to participate.

Many of the catch basins in Clark County are in the county mapping system. You can view this information on the county geographic information system (GIS), Clark County MapsOnline. Stormwater information is in the utilities map site.

Questions? Contact Bob Patterson 564.397.4493

Things to remember:

  • To get the price of $50 per catch basin, complete the scheduling form below.
  • Do not park over the catch basin.
  • If catch basin is in a parking space, leave that space AND a space beside it open.
  • A 14' height clearance is needed for the trucks to safely maneuver.
catch basin
A catch basin, also know as a storm drain inlet is designed to trap sediment and debris before it gets into the storm drainage system.
diagram of catch basin
Catch basins must be cleaned out when sediment and debris fill 60% of the sump or when clearance from pipes reaches 6".

Schedule a Catch Basin Cleaning

Site Address

Billing Address

Emergency/expedited services will be $400 for the first catch basin, and $60 for each additional catch basin at the location.

Filter inserts are available for an additional fee. If you need filter inserts and wish to find out the cost, please indicate how many
Notes: please include other useful information; for example, “5 total catch basins but only want the 3 in the west parking lot cleaned”
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