Clark County Stormwater Management Plan



Stormwater Management Plan

Clark County's Stormwater Management Plan describes how stormwater and related water quality issues are managed. The plan also describes the county's actions to meet requirements of an NPDES Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit issued in July 2019. The plan outlines all of the Clean Water Division programs and how we do business.

Clark County has had a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) since 2008.  Updated versions are submitted to the Department of Ecology every spring and posted on the county website by May 31st. The SWMP includes information on all permit requirements per Section S5.C.

The updated plan is as follows:

Public comments

Comments on the Clark County Stormwater Management Plan can be submitted by email to or mailed to Rod Swanson, Clark County Clean Water Division, PO Box 9810, Vancouver, WA 98666-9810. The Clean Water Commission, appointed by the Clark County Council, provide and hear public input for the entire stormwater program. There is a public comment period at every meeting.

For more information please call (564) 397-4345.