Clark County will not have lifeguards on duty at Klineline Pond this summer

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With summer in full swing, many residents will visit Klineline Pond at Salmon Creek Regional Park to beat the heat.  However, this year Klineline Pond will not have lifeguards on duty.

Similar to other agencies with lifeguards, the nationwide lifeguard shortage has struck Clark County Public Works this season. “We’ve been unable to replace most of the staff we’ve lost from the last few seasons,” according to program coordinator Eric Christensen. “Turnover and attrition have put us in a position where we are unable to provide the staff needed to safely provide water surveillance and rescue services.”

Without lifeguards at Klineline, park users are urged to follow basic water safety at all times. Parents should be particularly vigilant watching children near the water since drownings can happen swiftly and silently. Additionally, Clark County Code prohibits adults from leaving children unaccompanied in or near a lake, pond or other waterway.

While lifeguards will not be present, park users will still be able to borrow a life jacket from the loaner station at Klineline Pond. Life jackets can prevent tragedies. A properly fitted life jacket should be snug, but comfortable. When lifting the shoulders of the jacket, the child’s chin and ears should not slip through.

More information on summer swimming and water safety is available on the county’s website.

Eric Christensen, program coordinator, Public Works