County to begin stewardship thinning project at Camp Bonneville this summer

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Clark County Public Works Parks and Lands will start another stewardship thinning at Camp Bonneville this summer. Thinning will include a timber sale and hazard tree abatement.

The Clark County Forest Stewardship Plan calls for selective timber thinning and other techniques to create a healthy forest ecosystem. Selective thinning will target removal of approximately 30% of the stand. Modest income generated from these wood products will be used at Camp Bonneville for forest operations, property management and other activities, such as road maintenance.

Forest thinning will also include hazard tree abatement to include removal of potentially dangerous trees around all of Camp Bonneville’s existing infrastructure, which include the barrack buildings, powerline corridors, and sections along the property fence line where trees pose a hazard to neighboring properties.

Clark County’s stewardship plan is certified by the American Tree Farm System through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s standards and the Forest Stewardship Council, both of which comply with international protocols for sustainability.

Over the last 10 years, county foresters have carried out several timber sales with an emphasis on sustainable thinning placing Camp Bonneville’s forests on a path to be restored to healthy, functioning ecosystems.

Camp Bonneville is a former military training camp situated in northeast Clark County. The county has been working with the U.S. Army Base Realignment and Closure Division to clean up the site to allow for public use in the future. More information on Camp Bonneville is on the county’s website at

Hunter Decker, County Forester, Public Works