Hockinson Meadows Community Park



Hockinson Meadows Community Park


Approximately 70 acres of this 240-acre park were developed in 2008-09 as part of the Greater Clark Parks District program.

The disc golf course at Hockinson Meadows Community Park is now open!

We thank the community for helping make this project possible. We also thank you for your patience as we worked through unexpected delays to complete the project.

While the course is open to play, tournaments and league-play events must wait until next year. No tournaments/events will allow us to close the course as needed to complete construction of the new walking path. This will avoid impacting event schedules or further delaying full completion of the project. Full completion is expected in fall 2024, weather permitting.

We encourage you to visit clark.wa.gov/public-works before going out to play the course, to check for closures. We will announce scheduled closures as far in advance as possible. However, to complete the path as soon as possible, we may schedule some work-related closures on short notice. This is because we cannot always predict when permits, supplies, contractor availability, or other factors will come together to allow us to work on the path. We appreciate your continued patience as we work toward full completion.


Click here to view the Hockinson Meadows Community Park disc golf map.

Click here to view the Hockinson Meadows Community Park disc golf scorecard.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our open house! The open house was held virtually on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

To watch a recording of the virtual open house, click on the link below.
[video: https://youtu.be/smqXS54ueQY]


Clark County Public Works is developing an 18-hole disc golf course at Hockinson Meadows Community Park, which is owned and maintained by Public Works’ Parks and Lands Division. The adopted 2015 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plans identified disc golf as a recreational activity that was underserved in Clark County. The Parks and Lands Division partnered with community disc golf enthusiasts to identify locations for new courses and now to develop the course at Hockinson Meadows.

The disc golf course will be constructed on a 40-acre parcel of park land that is separated from the existing developed park areas by an unnamed stream. To provide access to the course, a pedestrian bridge over the stream will be constructed as part of this project. The course has been designed to meet Professional Disc Golf Association standards, and each hole will include a tee pad, a hole marker, a basket and a bench. Trails throughout the course will consist of multiple surface types, connecting to the park’s existing trail system and adding 1.01 miles of trail to the park. A 225-square-foot shelter will also be constructed near the disc golf course and pedestrian bridge. 

Funding is provided by real estate excise taxes and park impact fees. In addition, disc golf enthusiasts raised $3,500 through the Parks Foundation of Clark County to support the project.

After an open bidding process, a contract for construction was awarded to Tapani Inc. Construction began in May 2022 and was initially anticipated to be completed by the end of September 2022. However, we have encountered delays in obtaining the materials needed for the project, worked through technical issues with the bridge foundation installation, and experienced weather-related delays. We expect that full completion of the project won't be until around Labor Day in September. However, the course will open for non-event/tournament play before then, but periodically need to close for additional work.

In addition, we are working to upgrade some of the new path's surface from wood chips to gravel, to reduce annual maintenance needs. This change will be implemented after the opening of the course and will not further delay project completion. Updates to the path upgrade timeline will be provided as information becomes available.

Construction activities are not expected to significantly affect traffic in the park. Park users accessing the playground adjacent to the project site may counter occasional impacts.


Open House Presentation Slides


Heads Up September 2022 (PDF)
Heads Up February 2022 (PDF)

Troy Pierce, project manager
Clark County Public Works

Lynde Wallick, park planner
Clark County Public Works      

Kaley McLachlan-Burton, communications manager
Clark County Public Works      

Rocky Houston, parks and lands manager
Clark County Public Works      




7 am to dusk

Picnic shelter

Hockinson Meadows Community Park's picnic shelter can be reserved for a $75 fee.

Hockinson Meadows picnic shelter (PDF)

The picnic shelter can be reserved up to 334 days in advance for events taking place April 1 through October 31. The shelter must be reserved at least seven days in advance.

If the shelter has not been reserved, it is available for free on a first-come, first-served basis. All shelters are available on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge, November 1 through March 31.

Kane Memorial Dog Park

Kane Memorial Dog Park

This 2.5-acre off-leash area is north of the balls fields in the northwest section of Hockinson Meadows Community Park. The dog park is fully fenced, with two doubled-gated entrances accessible from the parking lots. Dogs must be leashed while in the parking lot and in all other parts of the park outside the off-leash area.

The off-leash area features open and forested areas with generally flat terrain. There is no designated area for small dogs. A dog drinking fountain, located outside the off-leash area near the ball fields, is shut off during potentially freezing weather, typically mid-October through April.

The park is named in honor of Kane, a former Clark County Sheriff Office canine who was killed while tracking two suspects in April 2011.

Clark County has partnered with Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington, or DOGPAW, to help identify, develop and maintain off-leash areas. DOGPAW also collaborates with other agencies, including the Bonneville Power Administration, to develop dog parks.

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