Salmon Creek Community Club Neighborhood Park



Site for Salmon Creek Community Club Neighborhood Park.

Current status

In 2023, the county has resumed the process to design and construct this neighborhood park. A master planned for the park was created in 2011.

Project description

This 4.5-acre property is located at Northeast 159th Street and Northeast 20th Avenue. Whipple Creek runs through the property along the northwest boundary of the property.

Because of sensitive and habitats found on the property, only one acre can be developed.

Aerial photo of site for Salmon Creek Community Club Neighborhood Park.

Site for Salmon Creek Community Club Neighborhood Park.

Concept plan

The approved draft concept plan, which was developed with input from park neighbors, includes:

  • A small playground with equipment for multiple age groups.
  • A basketball half court/sports court.
  • Picnic tables.
  • A walking trail.
  • Small open-lawn play areas.
  • Benches.
  • A formal park entrance at the corner of Northeast 159th Street and Northeast 20th Avenue.
  • A bike rack, garbage can and park signage.

Additionally, the plan recommends removing dead/diseased trees and invasive plant species. Areas where vegetation is removed would be replanted.

A nature play area is included in the plan but needs funding support for construction. This could include community fundraising, grant funding and/or donations.

Approved concept plan (June 2011) (PDF)

Park name

The park is named after a former local service organization that was made up of members from the Grange, a local garden club, American Legion Auxiliary of Salmon Creek, St. John’s Lutheran Church and Salmon Creek Methodist Church. The organization, who purchased the land with the intent to develop it into a public park. The club donated the land to Clark County in 1968,to create the public park.

Neighbors will be invited to participate in the selection of a new name during design development.

Public participation

Decisions about the park’s overall design and features were made during preliminary planning and design in 2011.  Project staff relied on public input to help guide the process. The final draft plan was then presented to the Park Advisory Board for approval at a public meeting in June 2011.

As the park development process resumes, the public will be invited to learn more at an open house event prior to construction.

June 2011 updated draft concept plan newsletter (PDF)

April 2011 public meeting materials

February 2011 comment period

Project schedule

  • Design development: 2024
  • Park construction: 2025

Project funding

Design and construction is funded by a combination of:

  • Park impact fees, which are paid by developers when new residential property is developed.
  • Real estate excise taxes, which are collected from the sale of homes in Clark County.
  • Greater Clark Parks District property taxes.

Greater Clark Parks District funding sources


David Stipe, Planning & Development Manager


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