Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Businesses


We can help your business be successful at reducing pollution

Learn the key steps to keeping your business clean and reduce common pollution problems

Spill prevention drum lid


Call us to get a drum lid for a 55-gallon drum

  • Close dumpster lids to keep rain water out. "Pollution juice" forms when liquids get in your dumpster and can leak out or spill when emptied. 
  • If you business stores materials in drums, use a drum lid to keep rain water out. This protects the life of the drum and the contents, while minimizing pollution risks.
  • Do you need a lid for a 55-gallon or smaller drum? Our team might be able to help. Give us a call at 564.397.4493.
  • Train employees to close dumpster lids after every use.
  • Fix broken or damage lids on dumpsters, compactors and other containers.
  • Secure lids, when possible, to prevent wildlife foraging in dumpsters and from the wind blowing lids open.
  • Don't overfill dumpsters or containers so that lids can close securely.
  • Don't prop lids open allowing rain to get into the container.
Spill containment kit example

Keep spill kits ready for use at your business

  • When a spill or leak happens, and it will, quickly contain the liquid or materials.
  • Always keep a spill kit readily available and stocked near liquid materials.
  • Train employees on safe clean up protocols.
  • Restock spill kits immediately.


  • Do not wash in areas that drain to storm drains.
  • Use a broom to sweep litter into the trash.
  • Keep dumpsters, compactors and other liquid containers away from storm drains.
  • Inspect containers regularly for leaks and fix/replace immediately.
  • Post signs to remind employees of proper use of containers, including filling, storing and keeping a lid securely closed.

Our trained professional staff can visit your business for free to offer tips and ideas on how to contain materials so that they don't contribute to pollution. Our staff can also look at your stormwater facilities and let you know what type of maintenance best fits your type of facility.

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