4-H Restorative Community Service Garden


The 4-H Restorative Community Service Food Bank Garden program gives at-risk youth an opportunity to experience themselves and be seen in the community as people capable of making a positive contribution.

The program offers youth an opportunity to provide valuable community service in a learning environment based on principles of positive youth development and experiential education. It also promotes the development of pro-social skills, healthy food choices and appreciation for the practical value of science.

Youth involved in the program contribute to the community's food security through production and donation of organic food to a local food bank.

The program is made possible by Washington State University Clark County Extension 4-H Youth Development Program and Clark County Juvenile Court.

For more information, please contact Missy Cummins at 360.397.6060 ext. 1514, missy.cummins@clark.wa.gov, or Jodee Nickel at 360.397.6060 ext. 1513,jodee.nickel@clark.wa.gov.