Information for Contractors and Consultants


This page provides links to forms, documents, design plans and other information for contractors, consultants and others doing business with Clark County Public Works.

Most of the information on this page also can be accessed by using the pull down menu to the left.

ADA regulations for public rights-of-way page

Information on building disabled-accessible sidewalks, driveways, curb ramps, crosswalks and other pedestrian routes.

Clean water projects

Development engineering

County review of transportation and stormwater projects built by private developers.

Environmental permits

Erosion control certification

Credited courses Washington State Department of Ecology accepts for erosion and sediment control certification.

Parks projects

Street and road standards

Minimum standards for public and private transportation facilities as outlined in Clark County Code.

Clark County Code, 40.350.030, Street and Road Standards

Standard details

The Standard Details Manual provides specifications for building road, constructing sidewalks and sidewalk curb ramps, planting landscaping, controlling erosion, constructing stormwater systems and making other improvements.

Technical data on current projects

Plans, drawings and specifications on road, park and clean water projects.

Traffic control plans

Traffic control permits and related information to use for submitting complete applications.

Traffic impact fees

Traffic impact fee districts and rates.

Transportation projects