Winter Snow and Ice




Clark County typically does not get that much snow and ice, but Public Works diligently works to keep roads open and passable during inclement weather.

Public Works is responsible for maintaining more than 2,600 lane miles, roughly the one-day driving distance between Vancouver and Atlanta, and does not have the employees and equipment to remove snow and ice from every street.

Clark County focuses on the busiest roads to keep people, goods and services moving. Property owners are responsible for maintaining access to driveways and parking lots. 

CVTV videos

For information about how Clark County prepares for winter snow and ice long before cold weather arrives, watch this January 2019 CVTV video.

For general information about the county's approach to winter snow and ice, as well as helpful tips for residents, watch this December 2017 CVTV video.

For more specific information about the county's response to January 2017 snow and post-storm cleanup and pavement repairs, watch this March 2017 CVTV video.

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