What you can do for clean water

Property Managers

We all live in a watershed and share vital water resources. Every time someone learns about "clean water habits" and changes the way they do things, it helps improve our streams, rivers, lakes and ground water. Every time we prevent pollution in the first place, it saves money and protects water for future generations. That's why educational and volunteer programs play such an important role in the Clean Water Division.

The Clean Water Division promotes educational partnerships with local groups and agencies, such as the City of Vancouver and Washington State University Extension, to increase public awareness and encourage environmental stewardship to keep oils, pesticides, dirt and other pollutants out of waterways.

The program also works with individuals, schools, businesses and property owners about how we all can do our part to protect Clark County's water resources for future generations. Remember, "we all live downstream."

Stormwater Partners of SW Washington - The best resource in Clark County for clean water resources for residents, educators, businesses, contractors and information on stormwater facility maintenance. 

Backyard Habitat Certification Program - Transform your yard and create healthier communities, for people and wildlife. Sign up to receive technical assistance tailored to your yard and interests, as well as local garden center and native plant discounts and a yard sign when you achieve certification. Check out the latest report on Clark County residents working toward or attaining certification.

Home projects for clean water:

Protect water, only rain down drain logo with images of four clean water behaviors including picking up after your pet, maintaining vehicles, washing vehicles at a car wash and sweeping rather than washing a sidewalk.
Clean water habits to protect water: 1) pick up after pets 2) maintain vehicles to fix leaks and maintain proper tire air pressure 3) wash vehicles at a car wash 4) sweep up instead of washing outdoor spaces with water

Community efforts:

Students with Enviroscape watershed model

Students with Enviroscape watershed model

Schools and Student projects:

Business projects:

Property managers, business owners and HOAs - Visit the Stormwater Partners of SW Washington for helpful videos, checklists and information on managing stormwater runoff and stormwater facilities. Also visit some of the links under the Business section as they may apply to your property, including dumpster maintenance and spill kit program.


Other stormwater related volunteer programs: