Heritage Farm Sustainability Plan

Project Background

In 2010, Clark County Council approved the first master plan for the 78th Street Heritage Farm property. This plan activated the agricultural areas as the central element of the project site. It provided facilities for community learning and gathering, administrative programming and functions, naturalists, avid walkers, gardeners, famers, demonstration and research.

In 2020, Council approved an update to the 78th Street Heritage Farm Master Plan. This update reflected several changes that had been made at the site since the initial master plan approval.  The update continued the same programmatic elements as the initial master plan. At the time of adoption of the update, Council directed staff to develop a business plan to determine how Parks & Lands would implement the master plan, while improving financial sustainability of the facility and improving public access.

Sustainability Plan

Parks & Lands planning staff is developing the sustainability plan, with a focus on improved financial sustainability and public access. Plan development will include the development of a steering committee to help guide the process, implementation of a public engagement plan, economic analysis of alternatives that will help the County achieve goals set by Council. The final sustainability plan will be considered by Council for approval.

Schedule & Public Engagement Opportunities

  • Summer 2022 – develop steering committee and public engagement plan
  • Fall 2022 – scope input & public meeting # 1
  • Winter 2022 – plan development
  • Spring 2023 – second draft review and public meeting # 2
  • Summer 2023 – final draft preparation and public meeting # 3
  • Fall 2023 – Council adoption

More Information

For questions regarding the project, or to be added to a stakeholders list and receive direct updates to plan development progress please contact:

Lynde Wallick
Park Planner

David Stipe
Planning & Development Manager
Parks & Lands Division