Stream Health and Monitoring



Stream monitoring

Clark County provides watershed management to protect our water resources, including lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands. Monitoring provides data on a watershed’s overall health, as well as the health of individual streams within the watershed.

Monitoring allows the county to understand if a waterway is degraded and if its overall condition is improving, deteriorating or not changing. Staff uses the information to design improvement projects, coordinate with other agencies and partners, and develop educational materials about watershed health and what the community can do to protect its watersheds.

Types of Monitoring

Monitoring activities are conducted throughout Clark County’s watersheds, including:

Monitoring Documents

2010 Stream Health Report (PDF)

Long-term Index Monitoring (PDF) (10 years of monitoring key sites)

2012 Comparison Monitoring results (PDF) (high-density residential, commercial and rural)

Modular Pavement Effectiveness Study (PDF)

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