Camp Bonneville Public Involvement


The Board of Clark County Councilors and Clark County Public Works takes responsibility for coordinated sharing of information about the cleanup process with the community. Formal public notice and involvement for implementation of state-defined cleanup requirements will be managed by Clark County and the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The county manages initial public involvement through the Camp Bonneville Citizen's Advisory Group. This group had its first meeting on Feb. 21, 2007.

Since 2012, the Camp Bonneville Citizen's Advisory Group has not been meeting while the project has been focused on cleanup. Clark County intends to resume meetings once more of the cleanup has been completed and the county is ready to update Camp Bonneville's reuse plan (PDF).


The Board of County Commissioners established this group to represent a diverse range of community interests regarding oversight of Camp Bonneville activities. Members are expected to be fully informed of all activity at the site and engaged in discussion about project issues concerning both cleanup and reuse. The group is a sounding board for the overall effort to provide a transparent, interactive and responsive process with interested individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the county and beyond.

Role and responsibilities

  • Members advise county staff on effective ways to share information about project activities and milestones within various communities of interest.
  • Members are encouraged to interact directly with the community, providing information and bringing questions and concerns back to the group, county staff and the cleanup contractor for discussion.
  • The group prepares a report for the board at least once per year providing analysis of cleanup and reuse planning progress and particularly the effectiveness of public information and outreach efforts.
  • Members are invited to attend and participate with project staff at board work sessions and any formal hearings regarding the Camp Bonneville project.

Meeting summaries (PDFs)