Heritage Farm Wetland Restoration

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at our open house! The open house was held virtually on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

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In 2010, Clark County developed the Northeast 78th Street/Washington State University Property Master Plan. The Master Plan outlines goals and objectives for the Heritage Farm Property. Heritage Farm is a largely undeveloped site of approximately 79-acres. Heritage Farm was placed on the Washington Historic Register in 2012 and the National Register of Historic Places and Clark County Historic Register in 2013.

In 2016, Clark County implemented an objective of the Master Plan to “treat all stormwater runoff on site in a functional, educational and artistic way”. The Heritage Farm Parking Lot Low Impact Development, or LID,  Project was completed and utilized a variety of techniques to manage stormwater runoff. All of the 0.7-acre parking lot stormwater is managed on-site through the installation of concrete pavers, permeable asphalt and concrete, grass-pave, and bioretention units to increase infiltration and retention. Storm-water runoff to Cougar Creek has been significantly reduced, increasing infiltration, and ultimately reducing pollutants draining to Cougar Creek.


The Heritage Farm Wetland Restoration project will restore approximately 5-6 acres of wetlands and establish approximately 2.7 acres of riparian buffer along a channelized section of Cougar Creek headwaters on Clark County’s 78th Street Heritage Farm property. This project will include approximately 0.8 acres of wetland creation, replace a storm sewer pipe under the access roads, and resurface the gravel driveways.

The project will excavate a shallow floodplain bench, reconnecting the stream to its floodplain, reducing stream erosion, and restoring the natural hydroperiod of this headwater wetland area. The wetlands will be restored and enhanced along the existing channel alignment. The grading plan will create shallow wetland cells in the floodplain restoring the natural retention and treatment provided by the historic wetlands, restoring the natural groundwater recharge, reducing stormwater runoff volumes passing to the stream and reducing ongoing stream erosion. Overland runoff currently flowing directly to the stream will be collected in those shallow retention areas, also serving to improve the water quality and reduce peak flows of runoff entering the stream. The entire project area will be planted with appropriate wetland and wetland fringe plantings. In so doing, the project restores as much as possible the surface and groundwater hydrologic regime that was present in the headwater wetland in its natural, native vegetation state.


This project is will be funded by the Department of Ecology and the Clean Water Fund.


This project is expected to go to construction in the Spring 2025.


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Heads Up - January 2022 (PDF)


Naomi Patibandla
Project Manager
Clark County Public Works

Rocky Houston
Parks and Lands Division Manager 
Clark County Public Works