Lacamas Lake Trail Realignment



Trail at Lacamas Lake Regional Park.

Lacamas Regional Park is home to an extensive trail network that is popular for mountain biking, running and hiking. The terrain and other features make the park suitable for trail users of all skills and abilities.

A series of user-made trails were added to the park over the years. Clark County Parks does not have the resources to maintain these trails, and some may run through sensitive wildlife habitat.

Clark County Parks hired a consultant to evaluate the trails, as part of a broader effort to align the trail system in a more sustainable manner and muster volunteers to assist with ongoing trail maintenance.

An open house was held in January 2016 to inform the public of the alignment study and to seek a group of dedicated trail users to help evaluate the safety and environmental integrity of the trails. The volunteer group met regularly, evaluated the trails in the park and made recommendations for re-routes and additional trails.

In June 2016, an additional open house was held to report the findings from the study and to seek volunteers to help with ongoing maintenance.

A volunteer coalition will be formed to assist with prioritizing trail maintenance, organizing and facilitating work parties and other trail related tasks.

For more information or to help with trail maintenance, please contact:

Clark County Parks
4700 NE 78th St.
Vancouver, WA 98665

Trail realignment documents