Off Leash Dog Parks

Clark County partners with Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington, or DOGPAW, to develop off-leash areas within county parks and at other sites. DOGPAW has rules so off-leash areas remain clean and safe.


DOGPAW is an all-volunteer nonprofit (501)(c)(3) that works with dog owners and the community at large to promote awareness and acceptance and to increase the availability of safe off-leash areas for dogs in Clark County.

Off-leash areas within county parks

Other off-leash areas in Clark County

To report off-leash or aggressive dogs in county parks, call Clark County Animal Control, 564.397.2488, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. For animal issues outside of business hours, call 311.

Leash, licensing and scoop laws

Dogs are allowed at most Clark County parks and trails, provided they are leashed and licensed.

Dogs, except for guide dogs and other service animals, are not allowed on the beach areas at Klineline Pond and Vancouver Lake Regional Park.

Clark County Code requires all dogs older than 8 weeks to be licensed.

Pet licensing, Clark County Community Development

Clark County Code, 8.07, Licensing

Estimates indicate that Clark County is home to more than 100,000 dogs that generate more than 13,000 tons of dog waste every year.

Clark County Code requires dog owners or handlers to pick up and dispose of their dogs' waste, including in off-leash areas.

The county provides dog waste bags at the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail and Stockford Village Neighborhood Park. Dog owners should bring plastic bags with them when visiting other trails and parks.

Violators of leash and scoop laws may be fined up to $250.

Clark County Code, 8.11.060(17), Nuisances (scoop law)

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