Parks and Trails

You can contact Clark County Parks at (564) 397-2285 or email at

Each county park has its own webpage that lists facilities and amenities, plus other useful information. To see a list of all parks, go to “Find a park or trail.”

Go to “Find a park or trail” and click on a specific park. Under "Facilities", there should be an indication of the length of asphalt or concrete paths and dirt or gravel trails.

Call the Public Works customer service line at (564) 397-2446 or file an online maintenance request.

If you spot vandalism in progress, please report it to law enforcement immediately by calling 911.

If you see graffiti or other vandalism after the fact, you can report it by calling the Public Works customer service line at (564) 397-2446 or by submitting an online maintenance request.

Go to “Park Projects and Funding” and select a specific project.

Restrooms are locked and barbecue grills are removed during winter months when parks receive fewer users. Generally speaking, barbecue grills are available from April 1 through Oct. 15 and restrooms are unlocked from April 15 through Oct. 15.

During winter months, a portable toilet is typically provided at larger parks that have restrooms. Keep in mind that smaller parks often do not have restrooms or barbecue grills.

Clark County Code 9.05.060(1)(b) prohibits hunting in county parks.

Go to “Park rules” or Chapter 9.05 (Park Rules) in the Clark County code.

These fees, collected for events May 1 through Sept. 30, are used to help keep shelters clean and in working order. The reservation fee allows people to book a shelter for a specific day so they can plan a larger picnic or reunion. 

Reservation fees are charged at the following regional parks: Captain William Clark Park at Cottonwood Beach, Frenchman’s Bar Park, Lewisville Park, Salmon Creek Park/Klineline Pond, and Vancouver Lake Park.

Reservation fees are charged for picnic shelters at six community parks: Fairgrounds, Felida, Hazel Dell, Hockinson Meadows, Orchards and Pacific.

Fees vary from $50 to $150, depending on the size of the picnic shelter.

More information about picnic shelter reservations, including current rates, is available on the picnic shelters page.

Yes. Picnic shelters in any Clark County Park that have not been reserved for specific events are available for free on a first come, first served basis. Reservations can be made for events from May 1 through Sept. 30, which means all picnic shelters are available at no charge the other seven months of the year.

Neighborhood parks are smaller facilities, usually no more than 6 acres, that are intended to serve residents in the immediate vicinity and cater to those who can walk or cycle to the location. Larger community and regional parks are destinations for people who typically will drive to the facility.

Please note that reservations are not required for non-exclusive use of parks facilities. They are available free of charge, on a first-come, first served basis, unless the facility is reserved for exclusive use for a special event.

If your special event requires exclusive use to ensure a particular facility is available and ready upon your arrival, a reservation is highly recommended. Reservations help county parks staff coordinate with other events to ensure your exclusive use and provide adequate information to properly prepare for the event.

To use Clark County's online parks reservation system, go to the online reservations page and create an account. Frequently asked questions about online registration can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are registered, click on the reservations button near the upper left corner of the screen to reserve picnic shelters or schedule sports fields.

Phone reservations also can be made by calling (564) 397-2285.

In late 2016, the Board of County Councilors decided to resume charging daily parking fees at four regional parks: Frenchman's Bar, Lewisville, Salmon Creek/Klineline Pond and Vancouver Lake.

Parking fees were been eliminated in 2013. More than three years later, county councilors decided to resume collecting daily parking fees to provide more sustainable funding for county parks and to reduce vandalism and other illegal activities in parks.

Clark County resumed collecting fees at the four parks April 2017. These are parking fees, not entrance fees. There is no charge for people who walk or bicycle into any county park.

Information can be found on the Volunteer overview webpage. Current volunteer opportunities can be found at here. You also can contact Dora Hernandez, Volunteer Program Coordinator, at (564) 397-1679 or

Donations to county parks can be made through the Parks Foundation of Clark County. For more information, call the Parks Foundation at (360) 817-7900.

Clark County occasionally may purchase a home as part of a larger property acquisition for a park. The county will decide whether to temporarily retain the home as a rental property so it can provide income, as well as assist with security and maintenance, until the area is developed into a park. Rentals are available infrequently, typically only one rental per year.