Philbrook Farms Stormwater Facility


Tract D of the Philbrook Farms Phase I Planned Unit Development is located at 5600 NE 129th Street in Vancouver.  The tract is owned by Clark County Public Works Clean Water Division, and contains both underground stormwater control structures and above-ground recreational amenities. Clark County is responsible for maintaining the stormwater structures, and the Philbrook Farms HOA is responsible for maintaining the recreational amenities and landscaping.

The stormwater facility has not been performing as designed, causing water to back up onto the surface during many rain events, flooding the basketball court and playground equipment to depths of 1 foot or more.

Clark County is evaluating the facility and developing potential long-term solutions during the winter of 2021-2022.  To protect public safety, the areas prone to ponding water will be fenced and closed to public use during this time.


The project will evaluate why the facility is not performing as designed. During the winter of 2021-2022, testing wells and instruments will help determine whether the problem is due to groundwater levels, soil conditions, or other factors.

Proposed solutions will be based on this evaluation, and may include facility maintenance, expansion of the underground structures, or a complete redesign of the system.


The project is funded by Clark County through the Clean Water Fund for stormwater management.


We anticipate the area will remain fenced from Nov. 2021 – June 2022, and will re-open for the summer of 2022. If necessary, it may be closed again during the fall/winter of 2022-2023.

Do you have questions about this project? Public Works invites your input and sends out early notice, so residents have ample time to offer comments and ask questions. Please contact the project manager listed below by phone or email.

Heads Up November 2021

Jeff Schnabel, project manager
Clark County Public Works