Pleasant Valley Community Park


Pleasant Valley Community Park

This partially developed 40-acre community park is adjacent to Pleasant Valley Elementary and Middle Schools, 14320 NE 50th Ave. Glenwood Little League and Prairie Soccer use the adjacent school site for league practices and games. Some limited parking is available at the schools.


  • Asphalt and crushed rock trails
  • Non-irrigated open grass areas
  • Gazebo
  • Pedestrian bridge
  • Access to Salmon Creek

Pedestrian bridge across Salmon Creek between Pleasant Valley Community Park and Washington State University Vancouver.
In 2014, Clark County built a pedestrian bridge over Salmon Creek.

A second project, building an 1,800-foot-long multiuse pathway along the north side of Northeast Salmon Creek Avenue, was completed in 2015.

The 2015 project also included building an advanced pedestrian crossing on Northeast Salmon Creek Avenue.

All three of these elements were built to provide a connection between Washington State University Vancouver and Pleasant Valley Community Park and adjacent neighborhoods.


7 am to dusk

Future development

This park is scheduled to be fully developed as part of the Greater Clark Parks District program.

A preliminary master plan was developed in 2005, but has not yet been finalized or approved by the Clark County Council. Once funding is available, county staff will revisit the master plan with residents and allow for additional input before finalizing the plan.

Preliminary Master Plan (PDF)

The preliminary master plan for this park project includes the following improvements:

  • Twelve additional parking spots would be added on the southeast corner of the existing school parking lot for park and school use, as well as additional parking along Salmon Creek Road for trail and creek access.
  • A park center near the southwest corner of the existing soccer fields would be constructed. The park center would contain a playground for ages 2-12 that is unique and not duplicate what the school district has. The existing gazebo would stay in its current location but would expand the concrete surface around it for additional tables. Bike racks, benches, tables and a restroom would complete the central area.
  • A new pedestrian entrance on Northeast 50th Avenue would connect the street to the park by a new trail. A low growing flower garden and rock wall would greet visitors at the Northeast 143rd Street entrance. The final alignment of the trail leading from Northeast 50th Avenue into the park will be shifted away from adjacent homes to the south when the master plan is finalized.
  • A variety of trail systems would be constructed: 10-foot wide asphalt trails around the upper end of the site, while crushed rock and wood chips would be utilized on the lower end along Salmon Creek. These trail systems would be interlinked and will connect to the Washington State University Vancouver trail system.
  • The existing pole barn on lower shelf will remain for educational purposes. Stream bank and wetland enhancement would occur to protect existing stream banks from abuse from uncontrolled access. Trees and benches around the upper shelf for shade and habitat would be added. The stormwater facilities would be re-vegetated to lessen the man-made look and create a habitat and visual tie to the natural environment along Salmon Creek. The existing pond on the northwest end would be cleaned up and protected, creating a grotto effect. The overall plan would incorporate low natural rock walls to enhance the natural beauty and structure of the site.

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Contact information

For more information, contact Clark County Parks by phone, 564.397.2285, or email,

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14519 NE Salmon Creek Ave.
Vancouver, WA
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