Policeman's Helmet

Impatiens glandulifera

Policeman's helmet (PDF)

Why is policeman's helmet a problem?

Policeman's helmet out competes native plants and desirable wildlife.
It invades most riparian areas and displaces native and beneficial plants. 
Contributes to flooding and erosion by changing or stopping water movement.

Policeman's helmet

Recommendations for controlling Policeman's helmet

Policeman's helmet

Recognizing Policeman's helmet

Policeman's helmet is an herbaceous annual that is succulent, smooth and hairless, and can range from 3 feet to 10 feet tall.

Flowers are irregular. The color ranges from white to all shades of pink and purple. They have 5 petals (2 fused), 3 sepals (2 fused), and 5 stamens. The shape resembles a British policeman's hat.

Policeman's helmet is partially shade tolerant and is found in riparian areas which include moist forests, stream sides and roadside thickets.