Construction and Demolition Debris

Construction and demolition (C&D) debris includes a wide variety of waste types like bulky waste, deconstruction waste, demolition waste, hazardous waste, inert waste, and new construction materials.

Disposal and Recycling Options 

Garbage Hauling Rules

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) regulates the hauling of garbage in Washington state and issued Waste Connections the permit, known as a G-certificate, for garbage collection and hauling in Clark County. The G-certificate gives Waste Connections the exclusive authority to collect and haul garbage in Clark County, including garbage from C&D sites. Recyclable or reusable material may be self-hauled to a recycling facility, or it may be collected by a recycling company that has a common carrier permit with the WUTC. The recyclable or reusable material must not be contaminated with any garbage.

Exceptions to using Waste Connections for garbage hauling in Clark County:

  1. City of Camas locations: The City of Camas operates their own garbage hauling service within city limits.
  2. City of Woodland locations: Waste Control is the hauler for the City of Woodland and unincorporated Cowlitz County. Woodland addresses in unincorporated Clark County are serviced by Waste Connections.
  3. Self-hauling garbage to a disposal facility: Residents can self-haul their garbage to a disposal facility without restrictions from the WUTC. Businesses/contractors may self-haul garbage under specific conditions regulated by the WUTC, described below.


Self-Hauling Rules for Businesses/Contractors

Garbage produced by a contractor may only be handled and self-hauled to the disposal facility by the contractor or contractor’s personnel in a company owned and labeled vehicle. The waste must not be produced or handled by other subcontractors or clients to qualify for self-haul. The contractor cannot haul garbage produced by subcontractors or clients.

Subcontractors may only self-haul waste they produce and handle from their hired operations on the job site. The waste must be hauled to the disposal facility by the subcontractor or subcontractor’s staff, in a company owned and labeled vehicle. The waste must not be produced or handled by other contractors or clients to qualify for self-haul. A subcontractor cannot haul garbage produced by the contractor, other subcontractors, or clients.

Mixed garbage produced and handled by multiple contractors, subcontractors, or clients at the job site would not qualify for self-haul and would need to be collected by the G-Certified hauler (Waste Connections).

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