County closing areas of Daybreak Regional Park due to riverbank instability

Published Date

For the safety of park visitors, Clark County Public Works, Parks and Lands division, is closing areas of Daybreak Regional Park. The riverbank of the East Fork Lewis River at Daybreak Regional Park has experienced significant erosion and loss of bank-stabilizing trees. Fencing is being installed around the closed area, and signage will alert visitors to the closure. Visitors are reminded to never enter areas closed off by barricades, signs, cones, tape, fencing or other barriers, for their safety. 

High water and swift currents are common in the winter months. They can introduce new hazards to areas along their banks, and damage infrastructure. Visitors are reminded to: 

  • Stay away from rivers and streams during high flows. Never stand on rocks or logs in or near the water. River flows can change quickly and unexpectedly. 
  • Even after high water levels have receded, visitors should exercise caution. High water can erode river/streambanks and make them unstable or susceptible to collapse. It can also loosen rocks, trees and vegetation. 
  • Keep a close eye on children near any body of water. Younger children should always be within arm’s reach of a responsible adult. 
  • Wear a lifejacket whenever recreating on, in or near the water, including wading, bank fishing, boat fishing, kayaking, etc. Cold, swift water during the winter months is especially dangerous. 

A reopening date for closed areas is unknown. Updates will be posted at

For information about road and park projects, closures, opportunities for community input, and more, residents can follow Public Works on X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook and Instagram and view information on Nextdoor. 

Kaley McLachlan-Burton, communications manager