Downspout Disconnect Program


Clark County piloted the Downspout Disconnect Program in 2017 to offer homeowners reimbursements and technical assistance to disconnect their downspouts. The program no longer offers reimbursements or technical assistance. Resources below provide guidance to those interested in disconnecting downspouts.

Why disconnect downspouts? 

Restore the natural path of rainwater - Many of Clark County urban unincorporated neighborhoods that were built between the late 1960's and 2000 have downspouts that are connected to underground pipes. Some of these pipes discharge to streets at the curb while others connect to pipes and flow downstream to our local waterways.

Several of these neighborhoods have no stormwater facilities to slow the water entering streams during rain events or remove pollution. This is a problem for our local creeks and streams, resulting in lots of water, possible erosion and increased pollution.  

Here is a solution!

Make your home GREEN - Disconnecting downspouts and discharging rainwater to a lawn or landscape area allows water to seep into the ground while removing pollutants and recharging the groundwater. 

The program targets neighborhoods in urban unincorporated Clark County (not the cities) that have been identified as high priority for pollution.  The program will provide technical assistance to homeowners to find a solution that works for their property.

How to disconnect your downspout video!

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Design and development resources:

The Clark County Stormwater Manual 2015 Errata 2016 has a series of information that may be helpful to homeowners in developing designs for their properties.  The full manual can be found at this webpage.

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Clark County Clean Water program - 564.397.4345 - Ask for Eric. 

This pilot program was developed through a grant from the Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board. 

Downspout Disconnect Program video