Highway 99 Corridor Improvements


Highway 99 to Northeast 99th Street

More than 30,000 vehicles a day use this intersection. The intersection is skewed, requiring a turn tighter than 90 degrees for vehicles on Highway 99 northbound turning left toward Interstate 5. This turn is difficult for both cars and large trucks.There also is a tight turning radius for vehicles southbound on Highway 99 turning right onto Northeast 99th Street, which causes some drivers to swing wide into an adjacent lane. The combination of heavy traffic, a skewed intersection, narrow lanes and tight turning radius creates congestion problems and safety concerns. 

This project will:

  • Widen westbound lanes on Northeast 99th Street west of the intersection.
  • Widen the southbound right-turn lane on Highway 99 north of the intersection.
  • Add medians on Highway 99 north of the intersection and on Northeast 99th Street west of the intersec­tion to prevent drivers from making unsafe left turns.
  • Fill in gaps in the existing bicycle lanes on Highway 99 and build a bicycle lane on Northeast 99th Street, from Highway 99 west to Northeast 13th Avenue

Highway 99 westbound will have a complete and partial road closures for up to a total of 16-days. The closure is scheduled to begin 7:00 AM on Saturday, October 3, 2020 and be finished no later than Sunday, October 18, 2020. Closure start and end dates are weather dependent.
 Also, there will be lane closures on Highway 99 southbound. The Highway 99 southbound right-turn lane will remain closed during construction.  Other lanes may be closed as needed. 

C-Tran may re-route some buses and will temporarily close the bus stop on Highway 99 north of the intersection.

The project will cost an estimated $5 million, with property acquisition accounting for nearly 50 percent of total costs. The Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council has awarded Clark County $2 million in Federal Surface Transportation Program grants for this project.

Watch this September 2020 video to learn more about this project
[video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHiMPacoK8A&feature=youtu.be]

July 2020 Heads Up (PDF)

Robin Washington, project manager
Clark County Public Works