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Construction on

Rotschy Inc., a Vancouver-based contractor, completed the construction of a two-year project to improve Northeast 119th Street, from Northeast 87th Avenue to Northeast 112th Avenue.

This section of Northeast 119th Street was widened and improved, from a narrow road with a single lane in each direction and no shoulders, bicycle lanes or sidewalks, to a four-lane minor arterial with two lanes in each direction, a center turn lane, bicycle lanes, sidewalks and facilities to collect and treat polluted storm runoff.

Construction also included upgrades to Clark Public Utilities’ water lines and Clark Regional Wastewater District's sewer lines, as well as improvements to the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad crossing west of Northeast 102nd Avenue.

Contractor: Rotschy Inc. of Vancouver

Capital road project: 342422

Schedule:  This project took two years to build, but was completed fall 2019.

Budget: Clark County awarded an $11.18 million construction contract to Rotschy, which submitted the lowest of four bids received for this project.

Grant funding: Clark County was awarded two grants to help pay for construction: a $4 million state Urban Arterial Program grant through the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board; and $3.1 million federal Surface Transportation Program grant through the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council.

More information:

Robin Washington, Project Manager
Clark County Public Works

Isaac McConnell, Construction Engineer
Clark County Public Works

Clark County is investing more than $50 million to upgrade the corridor so it can help meet the needs of a growing community.

To learn more, watch this March 2018 CVTV video.

Completed projects

In 2009, a private developer improved a section of Northeast 119th Street, from Northeast 112th Avenue to NE 117th Avenue/SR 503. The county constructed Northeast 112th Avenue and a portion of a new traffic signal, which improved access to Prairie High School.

In 2013, Clark County upgraded the intersection of Northeast 119th Street and Northeast 50th Avenue (Capital Road Project 313622). The project widened the intersection and added a traffic signal, sidewalks and left-turn lanes in all four directions. In addition, the hill on Northeast 119th Street east of Northeast 50th Avenue was shaved down to improve sight distance and motorist safety. Retaining walls also were built, along with facilities to collect and treat polluted storm runoff.

In 2014, Clark County started construction to upgrade Northeast 119th Street, from west of Northeast 72nd Avenue to east of Northeast 87th Avenue (Capital Road Project 390722). This project, which took three construction seasons to build, included:

  • Widening and improving Northeast 119th Street to two travel lanes in each direction plus a continuous center turn lane, bicycle lanes and sidewalks.
  • BuildIng dual left-turn lanes from Northeast 119th Street westbound onto Northeast 72nd Avenue southbound.
  • Replacing the undersized Curtin Creek culvert, about a half mile east of Northeast 72nd Avenue.
  • Making environmental improvements to Curtin Creek to create a winding channel that more closely resembles a natural creek.
  • Planting trees and other vegetation to shade Curtin Creek, which will cool the water for salmon and other aquatic life.

In 2017, Clark County started upgrading Northeast 119th Street, from east of Northeast 50th Avenue to west of Northeast 72nd Avenue (Capital Road Project 333122).

The two-year project widened the road to a two-lane minor arterial, with a center turn lane; added sidewalks and bicycle lanes; and built facilities to collect and treat polluted storm runoff. The project also construction water improvements for Clark Public Utilities and sewer improvements for Clark Regional Wastewater District.

As of mid-September 2018, most construction has been completed, with the road open to through traffic. Some landscaping and other work still needs to be finished.

Why is the county building these projects?

Improvements will support economic development in the area while providing safer, more convenient travel. In addition, some improvements were needed to meet commitments the county made in an agreement with private developers.

Construction on Northeast 119th Street, west of Northeast 72nd Avenue.