Northeast 179th Street Corridor Improvements

Aerial photo showing brown grass fields with stand of trees scattered among them and roads running through them. Some buildings are seen in the midground, and there are hills and a gray sky in the background.

Several projects in the Northeast 179th Street corridor will be implemented within the next several years. These projects will improve the area's transportation system to support the Clark County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan. When complete, these projects will improve travel times, support economic development, optimize intersection locations, upgrade stormwater management, improve safety for road users, and align the corridor with current road standards.

Alongside county road projects, WSDOT is reconstructing the Northeast 179th Street/I-5 interchange. Private developers also make road improvements as part of their development projects.

Learn more about various improvement projects and the planning effort for the corridor by watching this video: 

Click here for information on the Northeast 179th Street Access Management and Circulation Plan (not part of these projects).

Corridor project area

The project area includes Northeast 179th Street between Northeast Delfel Road and Northeast 50th Avenue.

Improvement benefits

These improvements will relieve traffic congestion and support economic development by:

  • Increasing road capacity, allowing more vehicles to move through the corridor.
  • Increasing spacing between intersections on either side of I-5.
  • Moving traffic efficiently by eliminating delays from left turns and traffic signals.
  • Improving safety for motorists and pedestrians by eliminating left turns and consolidating intersections.
  • Aligning with the Clark County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.


Overall improvements include a series of projects that are anticipated to go to construction between 2021 and 2027. They include:

Northeast 15th Avenue, from Northeast 179th Street to Northeast 10th Avenue, will also be improved. More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

The intersection of Northeast 179th Street and Northeast 12th Avenue will be constructed by a private developer as part of their development project. 


Scott Sawyer, project manager                                         
Northeast 179th Street projects                                                                                     

Troy Pierce, project manager               
Northeast 10th, Northeast 15th Avenue projects