Transportation System Plan

Clark County is developing a new Transportation System Plan (TSP) that will help inform transportation decisions. A change to Clark County’s transportation network affects the performance of another street miles away.  The TSP will examine how our traffic functions, while providing analysis on maintaining and improving the system for a growing population. The Clark County Council makes transportation decisions in the Comprehensive Plan by adopting Goals and Policies, a 20-year Capital Facilities Plan, a 6-year Transportation Improvement Program, an Annual Construction Plan; as well as several land use decisions that impact the transportation system.  Among other decisions, the Council provides direction to staff that ultimately determine the safety and mobility to Clark County’s residents.

A TSP will provide direct guidance on how to build, operate and maintain Clark County’s major roadway network, while addressing complementary elements of the larger transportation system- including transit, multi-use trails, state highways and freight railroads – maintained by other entities.  

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Public meetings

Sounding Board

January 27, 2021 – Council Work Session

March 2, 2021 – Council Hearing
Staff Report
TSP Public Participation Plan
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